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AFIL COLLECTION Pestemal, Cotton Pestemal, Trow, Buldan Cloth, Bathrobe, Home Textile, Towel, authentic wear
MIRTURK TEKSTIL SANAYI VE DIS TICARET A.S. Shoes, Glassware, Footwears, Rug, Carpet, Kilim, Praying Rug, Furnishing
NIPAS PAZARLAMA ITH. IHR. A.S. Textile Product, Textile Accessory, Yarn, Textile Yarn, cotton yarn, viscose yarn, viscose filament, ring yarn

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Based on quality, our principle is *CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” As we know that quality is an important criteria to provide customer satisfaction, we take care of each one of your offers… OUR QUALITY POLICY In textile industry, we would like to become an innovative company, focused on its customers, ready for sustainable improvement that offers the best quality products and services at best available prices and responses promptly to the requests of the customers with timely delivery without compromising expectations of the customers by acknowledging our responsibility towards our customers...
Gold Cotton design leaves a livable environment for the future by taking care of human, nature and environment friendly materials in its modern designed products.
Akmen Fabrics Industry and Trade A.S, established in 1970, belongs to the most important companies in the fields of “FANCY YARNS'' and “KNITTED FABRICS” in Turkey. Starting with the fibre preparation plant in the 10,000 m2 Avcilar (Istanbul) facility , we produce fashionable fancy yarns like Bouckleé, Frizeé, burl etc. With the use of these yarns we produce circular knitting fabrics. With our 70 employees , we offer our customers world-wide and in Turkey innovative yarns and knitted fabrics , which needs competitive power, activated own contribution and special diligence . Taking into account the globalization of the textile sector we try to reach permanently and always the best and develope each day new deseigns and models. 80% of our productions are provided by the customers in Turkey, which are exporting knitwear garments world-wide . Remaining 20% of our production we are exporting as fabrics to European countries.
NOPAS TEXTILE, which started its activities in 2010 as Nipas Pazarlama, started its operations on 26.09.2013 with an average yarn production of 250-300 tons per month with an capacity of 2320 rotors. The company, which entered the growth process without compromising on quality, opened the RING COMPACT facility in Kahramanmaras Organized Industrial Zone in 2015 with its investments in 2014.
In 1980, we started our business life under the leadership of our deceased brother Mehmet PORDOGAN and we aimed to expand to the wider market share in the Middle East in the light of his vision and experiences. Our deep-rooted history is the guarantee of our reliability. With this understanding, which has adopted the business ethics as value, we have maintained our services in the whole Middle East since 1980 by keeping reliability, sincerity, transparency and satisfaction in the forefront.
Afil Collection produces Peshtemal, Throw and bedspreads from premium Turkish cotton. Our company, which is engaged in production and export activities, has adopted the principle of offering the best quality to its customers at the best price. Since we see our customers as our business partners, we expand the marketing and supply network quickly and easily with many companies and make a smooth trade. In line with the request of our customers, we can sew their own brand labels on the products they purchase. We make special packaging for you and send it to the address you want. Apart from our models, we help you to produce patterns or models belonging to your brand and to create maraka or increase your product range. Please contact us for any questions, comments and requests.